Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter days and veggie wraps

I take the dogs for half-hour expeditions in our field when winter has ruled non-walking conditions on the road.

Recently fresh snow, blowing winds, and freeze-thaw cycles frequently covered up any trace from yesterday's sessions making the snow blanket new and "clean"- and on those beautiful sunny winter days the field seems sparkling with diamonds.

Hansen is not interested in that kind of nonsense, being a real westie bred for hunting he most times keeps busy sniffing around.

Here he got the scent of a mouse......

.......now circling around two mouse holes in the snow......

and finally he's at it....

Hey, didn't catch anything, but I had fun (the ball he doesn't care about)Duke on the other hand cares about nothing but the ball when we are outside........
Back at the house I find the mice have been very hungry. At least you would think so, as they (a little while back) have chewed a hole through a quite tough plastic lid on my bucket for "compost scraps" and now frequent the bucket's delicious veggie "wraps".

I wrap kitchen "stuff" for composting in newspaper for two reasons: it keeps my bucket clean and easy to empty and it ads some "brown" (carbon) content to the compost pile. As you can see from the image, the bucket or paper doesn't prevent the little critters from having dinner.


  1. Argh.......I tried to edit this post at least 10 times, but cannot get it right!!!

  2. LOL.. this post is just fine the way it is...love the dogs.. and good job with the snake in the post below.. to odd to see them out in the snow.. thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks for visiting Stacey. I am just starting to figure this thing out.

  4. Trevigt med ett nytt ansikte, please to meet you Lene. Thank you for your comment. It looks like you have a true winter weather where you are, I have -4 but no snow.
    Fungerar det med svenska också?
    Ha det gott/ Tyra

  5. Aren't dogs funny in the snow? Mine are great mousers too. All too often they catch them.

    And you're doing a nice job with your blog. Cheers, Y

  6. We have so much in common Lene, You love willows, I love willows (cant wait to see the results of the harvest) you have a big dark dog, I have a big dark dog! You have a little light dog, I have a little light dog...you see where this is going! Love the post! You'll get the hang of posting!! It comes over time!! ;-)

  7. Is that big dog a German Shepherd?
    Yes or no, he is cute! Well, the little one is cute, too... I have two GH - almost 4 and almost 13.
    Happy blogging!


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