Thursday, January 24, 2013

Time to order willow cuttings and rods for the spring

Winter is here and we are not even thinking about harvesting for another 3 weeks or more. By the middle of February, however, we will be looking for days suitable for harvesting the willow - meaning no snow in the field.

Even though you are not thinking about planting any willow for the next couple of months, it is time for you to put in an order for cuttings or rods if you are planning to plant this spring.

Reservations are made as orders are received and orders processed and shipped as soon as we have started harvesting and usually up until the end of April.

The best time to plant willow cuttings and rods for hedges, huts, play tunnels etc. is early spring. 

Order early to make sure that we have what you want - whether you are planning to plant just a few cuttings in pots for later transfer to the garden 

a willow bed for harvesting willow for basketry or other use 
or your garden needs a living willow fence.

As the last two summers were both extraordinary hot and dry, we will have less of the longer rods available this spring, so again, order early for delivery later.

Words and photos by Lene Rasmussen,Willows.