Friday, July 17, 2015

Willow basketry classes in Wainfleet, Ontario taught by Danish Anne Mette Hjornholm

Once again the talented Danish willow artist and basket maker Anne Mette Hjornholm will visit Lakeshore Willows in Wainfleet, Ontario to teach.

Anne Mette is a professional basket maker, and her beautiful work has landed her contracts for making baskets for TV shows and movies in addition to teaching engagements in several countries. For more information about Anne Mette, check out her website here where you can also find links to her blog and facebook page.

This year we have scheduled 6 days of weaving fun in September. 3 classes of 2 days each where you choose your project within a preset theme. 

September 15-16th the theme is "SCULPTURAL WEAVE" which can be for example a small animal sculpture as the swan above or it can be something abstract as the forms in the picture below.
You can find more examples of sculptural weave and inspiration on Anne Mette's website and on her blog.

September 17-18th and September 19-20th the theme is frame baskets (rib baskets) 
You can register for 2 days of frame baskets or for all 4 days. When you register for all 4 days you will be able to work across those 4 days to create as many or as few baskets as you choose to.
Frame baskets can take many different shapes and willow bark and other weaving materials can be added to the willow frame and weave.
The gallery at Anne Mette's website has a lot of frame baskets for inspiration and ideas about what you would like to make during the classes.
For more information about the classes and to register, go to Lakeshore Willow's website.
Book early as classes WILL fill fast.

Words and photos by Lene Rasmussen,Willows.I