Sunday, February 1, 2015

Exceptional willow basketry classes at Lakeshore Willows, Wainfleet, Ontario

Some things have to be scheduled early, far in advance of the actual event.
One such thing is the willow basketry classes taught by renowned Danish basket makers Ane Lyngsgaard and Eva Seidenfaden.
If you made it here for the classes last summer, you certainly want to come back for more - and if you didn't make it, you wish that you had. In both cases you have to be quick to be sure to get a spot this June.

2-day classes are offered June 15-16th:

Ane has a passion for working with bark (willow and other), creating beautiful bowls, purses, vases and much more.

During this 2-day class you will create your own bark container using willow bark and other natural materials. For more examples of Ane's bark work, see the class information on our website. 
This class is for weavers of all levels of experience.

Eva describes herself as a "non-traditional" basket maker with a thirst for exploring and experimenting.

During this 2-day class you will work with the frame of a traditional round willow basket - with the added benefit that you can make the side weave, handle, border etc your own design guided by Eva. 

If you are a beginner you will learn all the basic techniques in willow basket making and if you are more advanced, you have an opportunity to learn new techniques and details.
This class is for weavers of all levels of experience.

3-day classes are offered June 17-19th

Ane is well known for her beautiful asymmetrical, sculptural/functional organic baskets.

You will learn new techniques to accomplish this beautiful, flowing, organic shape in a tight weave. You choose if you want to make a more sculptural basket or a functional basket with a handle.
You can see more examples of this type of basket on Ane's website.
Some experience working with willow would be helpful.

Eva  and the French Perigord basket go hand in hand. She has studied this basket on numerous trips to France, visiting and learning from some of the "old" basket makers who made this market basket for practical use - and she even wrote a book about it! The book is in English and in addition to the stories and history of the Perigord basket it has detailed instructions and comes with a DVD.

The basket can be made with many variations and I think that everyone will agree that it is very beautiful in its clean, open look.
During this class you will study the basket learning the unique technique to create it.
For more images of the perigord basket visit Eva's website. Check out her gallery - you will find an abundance of beautiful images of her work.
Some experience working with willow would be helpful.

For more information about the classes and to register, please go to the event's page on Lakeshore Willows' website.

Words and photos by Lene Rasmussen,Willows.