Thursday, April 16, 2009

Garter snake release

Days are getting warmer and we are having some nights without frost. Time to release "Isicle" the snake in the bucket (the bucket covered with cloth, secured with heavy elastic string - I am not a snake person, really) in the garage.
Lately "he" has been spending more and more time outside his black hiding saucer and he seems more alert, so we decided to let him out yesterday.Looks like he is really eager to explore the world again.
We released him on top of the berm - approximately where we found him in the snow in January.
Ready to go - gone! I am sure though, that I'll meet him again.


  1. Wow,that was so nice of you to rescue a garter snake. We have lots of them here in our garden in the summer. Unfortunately, my dog likes to hunt them, and I try in vain to discourage him. What have the poor snakes ever done to him?

  2. Salix - I'm sure Icicle will be just fine. Snakes are good to have around the garden.


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