Monday, February 28, 2011

Garden Making with Lakeshore Willows

Coming home from "2 weeks in the sun on a beach in Puerto Plata" I couldn't wait to open my spring issue of Garden Making - which was waiting for me, delivered to subscribers the day after we left home.

I subscribed to Garden Making when it was first introduced at Canada Blooms and I have loved every issue.

This time my excitement was different as I knew that Lakeshore Willows is featured in the monthly pages: Gardener's Notebook and I had to find Garden Making in the pile of mail and open it at 2 a.m. just after we arrived home.

My friend Yvonne Cunnington - "Thank you so much for writing this, helping me spread the word about working with willow"

The spring issue went on sale today.

Text and photos by Lene Rasmussen,Willows.


  1. Welcome back home , we look forward to more news here on the site :-)

  2. Lene
    I was visiting Tyra's garden (Sweden) online and discovered your blog.
    Small world...
    Our garden is located in East Toronto, steps away from Lake Ontario.
    I am really interested to create a birdfeeder or other items with willows.
    - Cheers Gisela.

  3. Birgitte!
    Thank you - it is cold here and we still have lots of snow. The willow sits in 50cm+ deep snow.
    More news to come.

  4. Gisela, welcome here.
    Yes, it is wonderful how you find blogs that interest you from links at other blogs.
    Over the next couple of days I will be sending out my first news-letter from Lakeshore Willows and I will ad you to the list.

  5. How exciting for you to be in the magazine, will you be able to post your part here? Not being a Canadian gardener I hadn't heard of the magazine before today. Will you be able to post your magazine contribution here for your subscribers? :-)

  6. Thanks, Rhonda.
    I don't know - probably not as it is a question of copyright? Maybe Garden Making will post it on their web-site later?


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