Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Transplanting your potted willow tree to your garden

As the summer is slowly fading, the colours change and the leaves start to fall, it is time to transplant your potted willow tree to the garden - if you haven't done so yet.

When you first made your tree at our workshop (or bought it) in the spring, the willow rods didn't have any roots yet and you had to leave it in the pot to root and start growing.
It would look like the one in the photo on the left.

When the roots have developed during the summer, you can transplant it to your garden - and by this time of the year you have to do so. First of all the roots may not make it through the winter in the pot above ground, and secondly the woven tree is really 32 willow plants in that little pot - so it really wants to get some more room for its feet.

This morning - still a bit of fog in the air - a woven tree waiting to be planted looks like this one in the photo to the right.
Words and photos by Lene Rasmussen,Willows.


  1. I have just bought my first Salix Alba & Salix x Americana it is growing great in a large pot must I transplant into the ground before Winter ? also is it ever - green ?
    Thanking You
    J Healy

    1. Willow is not evergreen plants and need a dormant period during winter. If you live in an area with frost in winter, you risk frost damage if the roots are in a pot above ground.


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